Honorary awards to the Vice President of the International Foundation Salamis

The chapter ICARUS HJ36 of the Hellenic American Organization A.H.E.P.A, the Rotary Club of Chania, the Rotary Club of Salamis “King Aias”, and the International Yachting Fellowships Rotary Club in Greece proceeded to honorary awards to the Vice President of the International Foundation Salamis, Kyriako Maridaki.

More specifically, the honorary awards to Mr. Maridaki were made in the context of the Salamis International Foundation’s long-standing contribution to the internationalization of the anniversary of the Battle of Salamis, turning a war event into a symbol of Peace, humanity and values for the commonweal.

Since 2005 and for 15 years he has served as Vice President, with great success, the international mission he has undertaken, always in good cooperation with the Chairman of the International Organizing Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020” Mrs Marianna V. Vardinogianni, UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador.

It is worth noting that Mr Maridakis achieved, in a very short time, to make 52 countries, Heads of State (Israel, Monaco) and international organizations commemorate the anniversary of the battle, by inspiring the global community, strengthening our country’s cultural diplomacy and contributing significantly with his work, along with Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinogianni, in creating the project for the realisation of 2020 anniversary events, which will be held under the auspices of President of the Hellenic Republic in cooperation with the Ministries of Culture, Interior and the Marianna’s V. Vardinogianni Foundation.

His purpose is to establish a global cultural Union, honoring all nations, the principles and values that have been preserved in the historic straits of Salamis, transmitting the ancient Greek spirit and promoting Peace and Solidarity.

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